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レースブラックガーターベルト 商品番号:11080049

  • 定価: USD $ 65.00
  • 価格: USD$18.09
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  • サイズ :サイズチャート
  • カラー :
  • 0.000.00018.09
  • 数量:
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配送期間:   2-8 営業日.

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  • 商品コード:11080049
  • 総重量/パッケージ:0.07( kg )
  • Type:Body Jewelry
  • Texture:Lace
  • Gender:Female


  • コンバーター:cminch
  • コンバーター:inchcm
  • Specification:Bust:33-40 inch(86-102 cm) 
    Waist:22-31 inch(58-79 cm)  
    Hips:35-41 inch(90-177 cm)
    Size: One size fits all
    Color: Black
    Material: Lace
    Specification:One size fit most means L Flexible(Fit for most people,because it's elaborate design )
    Description: Lace affair garter belt with adjustable back and bow detail. It will be hard to resist someone dressed as sexy as this, include Thong. Need stockings and Lace Affair Garter Belt Black Plussold separately. If you are looking for sexy lingerie of bold style to have a new try, it is time to act now. We offer you various kinds of Valentine lingerie, which either features a strapless sweetheart neckline or features silky straps and ruffled lines. Meka Red Babydoll is another fashion piece here. The hot red makes you look passionate and very sexy.

Doresuwe.com SUPPLIES レースブラックガーターベルト パンスト、ストッキング
Doresuwe.com SUPPLIES レースブラックガーターベルト パンスト、ストッキング (2)

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