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プレー用セクシーむち 商品番号:11080228

  • 定価: USD $ 25.00
  • 価格: USD$8.59
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  • サイズ :サイズチャート
  • 0.000.0008.59
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お仕上げ期間: 3-9 営業日.
配送期間:   2-8 営業日.

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  • 商品コード:11080228
  • 総重量/パッケージ:0.07( kg )


    Specification:Bust:33-40 inch(86-102 cm) 
    Waist:22-31 inch(58-79 cm)  
    Hips:35-41 inch(90-177 cm)
    Size: One size fits all
    Color: The same as picture
    Material: Nylon+Leather
    Specification:One size fit most means L Flexible(Fit for most people,because it's elaborate design )
    Description: Cute little whip is fit for improve lifestyle and add unnatural sexual allure. Nylon is a good alternative to using leather in building whips, but as a complement to leather. When the weather is wet, a nylon whip is much more suited for this condition over one made of leather. Need the Taste whip, check out from Wholesale Lingerie ->> wholesale Whip and enjoy the incitation with heartthrob that bring.

Doresuwe.com SUPPLIES プレー用セクシーむち SMグッズ
Doresuwe.com SUPPLIES プレー用セクシーむち SMグッズ (2)

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