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Shipping Cost
1. How much is the shipping cost?

The transportation cost can be previewed on our online shop system. Depending on the country you receive and shipping method, we estimate shipping cost automatically.

There are three types of shipping methods on our site. The cheapest flight is economic express delivery,Next is EMS international mail, the most expensive is international express mail.

Shipping fee differs depending on the country you ship, the number of items, weight, etc.

The details of the postage can be confirmed from the page on the screen before settlement.

Be sure to check shipping fee before you make payment.

2.For the Free Shipping Items

On our site, there are two kinds of free shipping items below.

1)Sale contentOrder isBeyond fixed priceWhen,All itemsfree shippingIntoBecome.Please refer to the advertisement contents of the homepage for contingent information.

2)The specified item will be displayed as 【FREE SHIPPING】.

Items free shipping are already delivered with economic express delivery.

3.For the Non-Free Shipping Items or an Urgent Order

Among the following three conditions, you have to pay extra shipping fee from the customer. However, the cost may vary depending on the following factors.

A: Weight and dimensions of package

A:PackageShipping location (city, state, country or territory)

C: Arrive packageEarth(Also called destination country or area)






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