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About point
About points ●?
Is it granted according to the price of the item (tax included) when using this site?
Can you use the point as a discount point at the next shopping?

● Point award time
I will give it according to the product price (tax included) the next day when the product arrives?
As for the status of the delivery status, it takes time to reflect as we reflect on the delivery agent's data. Please acknowledge it beforehand, thank you.

● About granted points
Is the point grant rate as follows?
1% of item price (tax included) [1 yen at 100 yen]

※ Do you round off decimal places?
※ Points available are within 50% of the order price.

● About point history
You can check it in the point history of My page.

● I want to use points
When purchasing goods with Doresuwe you can use the accumulated points as 1P = 1 yen? Available from 50pt
How can I use points? At the time of purchase procedure? Procedure is possible?
Also, in case of canceling or returning, we can not accept refund of use point.

● Point's expiration date
How long is the point valid? It will be 180 days after it is granted.

● Points can not be used
If "possession point is XXX, you can use it after XXXpt" is displayed, please set 50 points or more.
If you can not use it unless it is 50 points or more, please check if you set 50 points or more.






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