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Doresuwe Lasha check pattern wide leg pants with relaxed pocket High waist casual wearing autumn winter beautiful

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    • Gray
  • 0.000.00028.42
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Doresuwe Pocket Color Scheme Loose Ladies Fashion 9 Minute Pants High Waist Tapered Pants Casual Pants

Doresuwe Pocket Color Scheme Loose Ladies Fashion 9 Minute Pants High Waist Tapered Pants Casual Pants



  • Item Code:13545525
  • Gross Weight/Package:0.51( kg )
  • Thickness:Thick
  • Embellishment:Print
  • Model:Loose
  • Trousers Shape:Wide Legs
  • Elasticity:Inelastic
  • Season:Winter
  • Brand:IMINOARU
  • Style:Casual,Fashion
  • Pattern:Plaid
  • Waist Line:High Waist
  • Length:Ankle Length
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    SizeWaistHipsPants Length

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Reviews about Doresuwe Lasha check pattern wide leg pants with relaxed pocket High waist casual wearing autumn winter beautiful 13545525 - Gaucho / Pants - Doresuwe.Com

By uato

    Although it is a small fat 150cm55kg, M size was fine. It is very easy to wear and the color is so calm that it is useful for company events. The fabric is solid and the shape is satisfactory! I will also buy other clothes! ! Recommended!

      Dec 13,2019

      By lily

        I think it's cheap, so I'm happy that it's surprisingly solid! This is good because I can wear it everyday. It ’s not too long and I ’m satisfied with the balance. The fabric is not particularly thin and seems to be worn all year round. It was a good purchase.

          Dec 11,2019

          By katsuhiko

            The thickness of the fabric is also a good thickness. It is just right now. Elastic fabric. It seemed to be slender than I thought, but the texture of the fabric was good and I like it. I haven't worn it yet, but it seems to be active for a long season until winter.

              Dec 07,2019

              By aosa

                The color is beautiful and the shape is pretty good. It is a standard figure of 158 cm. There is plenty of room. I like it because it is my favorite color! Light and warm. It is the easiest to wear and is my favorite I want to repeat it if it increases my color!

                  Dec 05,2019

                  By tahiko-kms01

                    (= ^ E ^ =) Good. It is thicker and stronger than you think. The fabric is comfortable to wear! It is not cheap and seems to be active in autumn and winter. It's thick so you can wear it for a long time. It ’s a really conscientious shop. Thank you (* ^^ *)

                      Dec 03,2019

                      By wakako40

                        Actually, I didn't expect that much, but the silhouette with the color and the feeling is very good. The fabric feels good, the length is just right, it's not too long, it's not too short, and I think I've done a good shopping. The feeling of delicateness is emphasized and very cute!

                          Dec 01,2019

                          By taeko

                            The price was low and I bought it with the hope that it would fail, but it was easy to wear, soft to the touch, light and the best! I am very satisfied with the color that I thought was not too flashy! ! It will be heavy so it will be heavy. I'm worried about buying it again.

                              Nov 28,2019

                              By yoko

                                I wanted to be soft and love this material. I like the colors very well. It feels good on the skin and I think it was good to buy it. Comfortable, color, design, size, everything was in my mind. Please make good goods from now on.

                                  Nov 27,2019

                                  By kanran

                                    I bought it for everyday wear, but the condition of the product is better than I imagined and it is very easy to wear. For a while, it was a bit of an item that I could go out with. The form is beautiful and looks like a stone and legs. The back and the buttocks are clean. We are satisfied with price cheaply. The material is not bad.

                                      Nov 22,2019

                                      By sakika

                                        Looks elegant. It is a beautiful silhouette with tension. It was good to be able to buy cheaply. The length is 151cm and I feel long. It can be worn comfortably with a solid construction. This shape is just right at this price! I think it ’s a bargain!

                                          Nov 22,2019

                                          By nanami

                                            The style looked good, and no wrinkles were noticeable even when sitting for a day. I want one more. Easy to wear and no stress! I wanted it since last year, but I thought I should have bought it sooner. Color is very beautiful and satisfied ♪

                                              Nov 09,2019

                                              By marian

                                                The color is calm black and the fabric is easy to move. I feel good ★ I bought bulk! Different colors are under consideration. In addition, sincerely responded promptly, I was able to shop pleasantly ★

                                                  Nov 09,2019

                                                  By wakako40

                                                    I was looking for the perfect gaucho pants and I was surprised at how cheap it was. The dough is soft and telrot, so it feels comfortable with your skin. I really like it because I can wear it easily in the hot summer months. It's pants when I put it on, but depending on how I see it, it looks like a skirt.

                                                      Sep 15,2019

                                                      By yujiezh4

                                                        It ’s cute, it ’s better than expected, and it ’s cost-effective. The touch of the cloth is smooth and soft, and you can hide the thigh thickness! I really like the touch of the ground. We are considering whether to buy another one in different colors.

                                                          Sep 15,2019

                                                          By yuri

                                                            We had you respond promptly. It was a correct answer to purchase with a very easy Chin. I felt it was good and I liked it. It was a vibrant fit and a solid product. The length was just right. It was a product I wanted to buy a different color and shape! Thank you very much ~

                                                              Sep 13,2019

                                                              By tatara

                                                                The material is soft and easy to wear. The fabric is light and soft and does not feel hot. It's cool! ! If you don't have a heel, it looks a little rubbed, but that's a nice feeling. Easy to wear and easy to move. It is worn in a casual place. I definitely want to buy it again.

                                                                  Sep 12,2019

                                                                  By nao250212

                                                                  • height:153.00-160.00cm
                                                                  • body weight:40.00-47.50kg
                                                                  • Bust:80.00-84.00cm
                                                                  • West:64.00-68.00cm
                                                                  • Hips:88.00-92.00cm
                                                                  • Purchase size: M includes

                                                                  In important scenes, I just tried it after buying it, but according to the impression of the buyer, in addition to the feel of the fabric itself, the sewing is also beautiful. It feels like it does not go like a model, but it is a design with a fine-grained effect. I was worried about buying pants, but I felt it was made to look cool. It is a recommended item.

                                                                    Mar 20,2019

                                                                    By rika

                                                                      Is the cute. I am satisfied with the quality more than I expected. I purchased clothes on the net for the first time, so I bought it to try starting from cheap places, but I understood that it is surprising that I can use it, so I will continue to use it. It is nice to put it in the net and wash it with a washing machine.

                                                                        Feb 27,2019

                                                                        By miki48

                                                                          Pants were uneasy on the net, but it was good as it was as expected. I was glad that the color was ideal. It's a good feeling that it's not as long as it's a little clear.

                                                                            Jan 29,2019

                                                                            By hi.yo.rei_74.jul

                                                                            • height:149.00-156.00cm
                                                                            • Bust:80.00-84.00cm
                                                                            • West:64.00-68.00cm
                                                                            • Hips:88.00-92.00cm
                                                                            • Purchase size: M includes

                                                                            I like this very much. It was just fine. Since waist is not rubber, it may be difficult even if it is too tight even if it is tight. I was quite splendid but perfect. . .

                                                                              Jan 29,2019
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