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Doresuwe puff sleeve sweater There was adult cute ladies fashion simple simple comfortable long sleeve wear

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  • Color :
    • Brick Red
  • Size :
  • 0.000.00031.13
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Doresuwe flare shirt + knit tank top 2 set ladies fashion Suit

Doresuwe flare shirt + knit tank top 2 set ladies fashion Suit





Doresuwe strap plain round neck ladies fashion sweater

Doresuwe strap plain round neck ladies fashion sweater



Loose Wrapped Turtleneck Pullover Long Sleeve Knitwear

Loose Wrapped Turtleneck Pullover Long Sleeve Knitwear

  • Item Code:13642479
  • Gross Weight/Package:0.46( kg )
  • Sleeve Type:Lantern Sleeve
  • Model:Loose
  • Type:Pullover
  • Elasticity:Inelastic
  • Season:Fall,Winter
  • Detachable Collar:No
  • Sleeve Length:Long Sleeve
  • Combination Type:Single
  • Style:OL
  • Pattern:Geometric
  • Length:Standard
  • With Belt:No
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b .Waist measurement method
In general, we will aim at the thinnest part of the waist, the part around the navel.

c .Hip measurement method
Collect legs, usually trying the most complete part of the butt of 16 cm - 20 cm or less from the waist.

d .Length measurement method
We measure the length from the shoulder seam to the hem.

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Reviews about Doresuwe puff sleeve sweater There was adult cute ladies fashion simple simple comfortable long sleeve wear 13642479 - sweater - Doresuwe.Com

By tekita-na-cyan

  • height:153.00-160.00cm
  • body weight:47.50-55.00kg
  • Bust:84.00-88.00cm
  • West:64.00-68.00cm
  • Hips:92.00-96.00cm

I thought it would take time to deliver it, but it arrived fairly quickly and I was glad. There is also soft touch and flexibility, no static electricity, it is satisfactory.

Dec 29,2018

By maliko190

    It may be thin for those who like thicker knit, but I am not good at Mokomoko sweater and I like light clothes even in winter, just right. It was nice because it was fluffy and the touch was perfect.

      Jan 27,2019

      By maliko190

        Wear comfortable when you wear! It was a gentle touch to the skin (because it is sensitive skin) = Result It was satisfactory ◎ If you wear a thin article on the inner side, you can wear it with spring early (temperature about this time) enough.

          Jan 27,2019

          By emari

            Perhaps it's too cute? While thinking, I bought it boldly. It is fluffy, but unlike the popular big silhouette now, I do not look fat. I would like to have fun this winter according to the tight skirt.

              Jan 27,2019

              By chisato

                Because it is light, you can wear without clothes. Because it is a soft fabric, it does not feel stiff. Well, as far as price street is mentioned, it is material as stated, but it was drawn by design and color and bought.

                  Jan 27,2019

                  By maoko

                    It is beautiful with colors as I imagined and I like it better. I think that heat retention is also high. I feel that I am not afraid of the coldness of midwinter when I lay it under the coat that I wear roughly.

                      Jan 23,2019

                      By shizuka764

                        I think that it may be firm. It looks cute too. I feel comfortable to wear well. I thought that the color was a bit brighter, but warmth and length were all OK!

                          Jan 23,2019

                          By mickey-minney.duffy-shelliemay

                          • height:153.00-160.00cm
                          • body weight:40.00-47.50kg
                          • Bust:80.00-84.00cm
                          • West:60.00-64.00cm
                          • Hips:88.00-92.00cm
                          • Purchase size: M includes

                          Design was cute, I bought it. It is a very favorite. You should avoid being covered with people.

                            Jan 22,2019

                            By tomoki

                              Roughly wearing, it was a product as I thought. The color is beautiful. It's thick and warm. I wonder if the hood is thick. It is about length hips ass hiding. It's cute. I like the product.

                                Jan 08,2019

                                By kaori

                                  I love it so much and I like it very much. It was a fashionable parka not too casual as the atmosphere of the photo. It was a reputable clothes from my family. I like it myself. I am very satisfied.

                                    Jan 08,2019

                                    By utau

                                      product has arrived. Design and dress length were good. The material is comfortable and satisfied. I wish it was warm indeed. In terms of price, there are enough deals. I also want to place an order if I have the opportunity.

                                        Jan 08,2019

                                        By makoto67

                                          It was a good sense of size without being too big to wear it slowly. The fabric is solid, it is not thin, it stretches well and is comfortable to wear. It is easy to match both skirt and underpants. It seems that pilling also will not be easy, so I will snake himself this season.

                                            Jan 08,2019

                                            By yoshino47

                                              It is easy to wear with the size feeling imagined. It's too late but I think if you think about the price, it's okay. I like the silhouette. It was a nice touch to wearing! It is likely to be useful from now on!

                                                Jan 08,2019

                                                By white-sapphire

                                                  Purchased Yellow. It was nice that the fabric was solid with the color as shown in the photo.

                                                    Jan 02,2019

                                                    By mamezo41

                                                    • height:153.00-160.00cm
                                                    • Purchase size: L inclu

                                                    I made a mistake buying white, but I bought yellow, but when I arrived it was solid and the fabric was cute with beautiful yellow and I am very satisfied with the warmth. It was a bargain at this price!

                                                      Dec 30,2018

                                                      By isakura

                                                        It is Lipi purchase. It is warm and comfortable to wear.

                                                          Dec 28,2018

                                                          By momoe45

                                                            Since goods arrival was a little late, it is four stars, but the commodity itself is very satisfying! Very comfortable to wear, size was perfect! I also want stretching, so I want to ripe again ^ _ ^

                                                              Dec 27,2018

                                                              By atsuko

                                                                Purchased for a friend as a gift. It looks good. It is a beautiful color with good coloring. It is cheap, I like it very well. I was glad that it was very warm. Thank you very much.

                                                                  Dec 27,2018

                                                                  By kanon

                                                                    Soft touch, beautiful color. cute. It is also hard to make pill, it fits skirt and pants and is easy to use. Because it is solid in price for the price, it seems to be active in future times.

                                                                      Dec 27,2018

                                                                      By yukio

                                                                        I caught it a while ago and it cheapened so I did it. It is warm with pretty firm split and thick knit. Design is also cute and very satisfying. Very good shopping was made. Thank you very much.

                                                                          Dec 18,2018
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